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"Through storytelling, I want to gather and push 

us to imagine beyond what we know, while highlighting

the voices of those of us who aren't as represented."


Filmmaker + Creator


AroMa is a non binary film director and musician from Oakland, California with an eclectic vintage aesthetic, virgo execution, and captivating performances.

Professi0n + Passions

With my art being very interdisciplinary, I have a deep love for music, film, dance, poetry and painting. All of these things contribute to the culmination of my work as a music performing artist and filmmaker. I work as a freelance director for music videos, short films, commercial work etc. and perform live shows (many of which have been online since COVID).


Ultimately all of these different mediums are just methods of story telling - understanding the stories we are told, stories were telling ourselves, and the stories we want to tell. I'm very passionate about story telling as it literally shapes our world, imagination and potential. Through story telling I want to gather people and push us to imagine beyond what we know while highlighting the voices of those of us who aren't as represented.

The TransGEnder District

"Working with the Trans District has been an awesome experience - It's always nice to know you are contributing your time, art and talents to a community that I am reflected in and equally supported by. When working with them, I felt just how much care they put into the work they do, celebrating the lives and accomplishments of LBTBQ people while creating new opportunities for even more successes and growth."



bandcamp (coming soon)

instagram: coming soon

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