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Culinary Artist + Creative

"I am a cook -- It’s a love language that

I want to lavish the world with."


Christian Washington is a Black non-binary trans femme culinary artist working in the Bay Area. Christian studied and worked in the culinary industry for close to a decade and works as a freelance private chef and caterer -- specializing in elevated southern fare.


Christian is a Southern belle through and through. They were born and raised in Houston, Texas. As a child, they were always in grown folks business and right next to their momma. Learned how to strike a nerve with some shade and keep their ear to the streets for some tea from the church ladies that they sat and gossiped with.

retreatmenu_christian - Untitled


"Auntie. Put any adjectives in front of the word auntie

and you are describing me."


The TransGEnder District

"Working with the Transgender District is always nourishing. Working closely with community is something I had not yet experienced until I was connected to the Trans District. The work they are doing is so full of love and intention. I am so blessed and grateful for the long lasting connections and relationships that I have found in the District."

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instagram: @bigwashh

"I love to turn a look -- I am all into the clothes.

I am a now and again model so book ya girl ~"


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