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Our Place is...

One astronomical unit away from the center of our solar system. It is a whole planet, teeming with life, filled with stories upon stories upon stories of our ancestors that fought for a space for us to live and thrive. But let’s get more specific:

The Transgender District in San Francisco, the world’s first legally recognized district dedicated to us, by us, for us.  The borders of our district are etched out as 6 blocks in the southeastern Tenderloin that cross over Market Street to include two blocks of 6th street. Like all borders, they are destined to be crossed: so we invite you to our place, to see us grow beyond the ideas of what we are outlined to be. Join us in our story, in our trials and triumphs.

“Visibility cannot be the sole solution for the liberation of Transgender and Gender Non-conforming people-- 


It is so important for The Transgender District to break the pattern of the world merely seeing us. We are a community rich in stories, in experiences, and in dreaming -- and we want to create a campaign that gives voice to our models, that asserts our place in this city, and in this world.” 

- Juniper Yun, Program Associate at The Transgender District

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is a Public Awareness Campaign which promotes historic placemaking and Trans resilience through public and social media streams. Launched via this interactive webpage, print and digital BART posters, and a full scale print billboard in the SoMa district of San Francisco, the campaign bolsters the recognition of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) efforts throughout San Francisco and in the world at large. Conceptualized by an all TGNC team and featuring all TGNC models, Know Our Place presents the unique stories and strivings of our Transgender and Gender Non-conforming models, while also highlighting the groundbreaking initiatives of The Transgender District.

Our Models



We create an urban environment that celebrates the transgender tipping point in the United States and the world, while educating the world of the deep profundity of transgender culture and our contributions to the liberation of humankind. Our strivings are best understood via our 7 areas of work: Tenant Protections, Economics and Workforce Development, Arts and Culture, Cultural Heritage Conservation, Cultural Competency, Land Use, and Trans Empowerment.

Housing Opportunities

for Trans Tenants (H.O.T.T.)


Housing Opportunities for Trans Tenants (H.O.T.T.), is a housing subsidy program boasting an imperative objective to provide inclusive housing opportunities for Transgender, Gender Non-conforming, Non-binary and Intersex individuals in San Francisco, namely those who identify as Black, Brown, Indigenous, or as people of color to provide sustainable and equitable housing. Click above to learn more or donate!



Entrepreneurship Accelerator

The Transgender District piloted the Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program for Queer and Transgender People of Color who aspired to start a business project in 2021.

Our free program launched November 29th, 2020 -- and provided professional webinars, information sessions, and mentorship. We also offered free business tax filings, one-on-one coaching, the creation of a full brand suite + website, and a seed grant of $3,000 to kick off each of the cohort's proposals at the end of the program.

Learn more about our first cohort and keep up-to-date for the next call!



Visual Storytelling

The Visual Storytelling series serves as a digital empowerment effort to expand the narratives that exist for transgender people beyond our disparity -- with each storyteller sharing their journey to a broad audience as a Master Class on living boldly and in your authentic truth. Explore the rich narratives of our community!

Trans Day Of Visibility

The Transgender District reflects as we launch this campaign that goes before and lasts beyond March 31st, 2021 -- the annual, international day of Trans Visibility.

Know Our Place

"The campaign stops you in your tracks on your everyday commute using rich visual images alongside a call to action -- to know our place -- "

"--It truly intends to present the often marginalized Transgender community in a radical moment of joy, sensuality, and triumph, so that others can look to it and see past our tragedy and the magnitude of violence we often face. It goes beyond celebrating trans people for just one day -- Transgender Day of Visibility."

- Aria Sa'id, Executive Director at The Transgender District

Know Our Place
Know Our Place

The Transgender District is yours to call home.


The city of San Francisco is yours to call home.


The world is yours to call home.

Behind The Scenes VIDEO:

Our work continues to grow -- and as a non-profit, our work could not happen without generous contributions!

Our organization was co-founded by three black trans women leaders, and is currently led by one of the co-founders, advocate, strategist, and socialite Aria Sa'id.


Our staff is primarily comprised of Transgender women of color and Non-binary / GNC folk, and our contractor base is over 80% TGNC-identified Black, Indigenous, or Persons of Color. 

Contributions made to us continues the progress of TGNC liberation and directly supports our impact in our communities -- ensuring our programs are made for us, by us.


Special thanks to all of our contributors -- and an extra special thanks to Karen Santos, our photographer, Lindsay Dabalos, our MUA, our amazing cohort of models, and to our web designer, Cato

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